Feipeng Wang----Deputy District Mayor of Laishan District visit our company for research

添加时间: 17/12/04

At Nov.15,2017, deputy district mayor Feipeng Wang, Ningbo Pei, Chengpeng Sun, Fengmo Cheng visit our company for researches.

First of all, leaders of all Laishan districts, accompanied by General Manager Shurong Lv, visited the research and development laboratories of company's medium / chemical medicine workshop, the quality laboratory and the bio-engineering technology center on the third floor.

Secondly, General Manager Shurong Lv, Deputy General Manager Li Dong and Yin Hong-xi held in-depth discussions with district leaders. Mrs. Lv briefed the district leaders from the aspects of enterprise background, development history, organizational framework, hardware and software, technological advantages, product customers, research and development and operation. In addition, Mrs. Lv put forward rational suggestions to the district leaders at the business of science and technology, personnel, production and research needs.

Finally, Deputy district mayor Feipeng Wang made a concluding speech. On the one hand, he affirmed the enterprise's achievements in scientific and technological innovation, personnel training and platform construction; on the other hand, he also expressed the government's concern for the enterprise and hoped that through the field research, can know more about the demand for introduction of talents, production, research and construction and sharing platform.

We believe that with the support and help of the government leaders, our company are confident to go further and further on the path of "R & D-driven enterprise development"!