Yantai Luye Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. back to Fenghuang mountain, facing the yellow sea  is located in the high-tech industrial development zone(APEC science and technology industrial park). The surrounding environment is beautiful, with no major pollution sources and far from the main road. The factory covers an area of 41,000 square meters. The factory is divided into general office area, production area, quality control area, storage area and public engineering area, and all the functional areas are strictly isolated and operated independently. The green area of the factory is about 50 %, all of which are non-flowers, and equipped with automatic sprinkler system.
       The production area is strictly designed according to GMP standard, and the layout is arranged according to the principle of combining production process flow and concentrated production function area. The flow of people is strictly separated, and the material is closed and transferred to avoid cross-contamination in the production process