Yantai Luye Animal Health Products Co; Ltd was established on Sept. 1999.

  The first batch products were on sale on Mar. 3rd,2000.

  We are honored to be “High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province “in 2001.

   The new plant that has comprehensive passed veterinary medicine GMP certification was into production in 2005.

   Research center was identified as the “Yantai Veterinary Medicine New Preparations Engineering Technical Research Center “in 2008.

  We found bioengineering technology center that initiate involved in biological product in 2008.

   Again identified as “High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province “in 2010. 

   Bio-engineering technology center was identified as “Animal Use Biotechnology Research Center of Shandong Province “in 2011. 

  Antibody workshop passed GMP certification in 2012 and we became the first biologic product manufacturer in Yantai.

   We passed the high-tech enterprise revision in 2013.

   We jointly built animal epidemic disease control technology united laboratory with Shandong Agricultural University in 2014.

  We formed new veterinary medicine united research center with the poultry institute of the academy of agricultural sciences in 2015.